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Healthy Home Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd.

Healthy Home Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. is a full service heating, ventilation and air conditioning mechanical contractor (HVAC) located in Newmarket, Ontario. Healthy Home installs gas or propane furnaces, air conditioners, boilers, water heaters or any type of air quality equipment.

Healthy Home Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. being a full service HVAC Mechanical Contractor can handle all your heating and cooling needs. We service, retrofit or replace existing HVAC equipment and educate you on the latest heating and cooling technology advancements.
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Our Services

Healthy Home Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. offers 24/7 emergency service — we use original manufacturers parts whenever possible and we never use sub-contractors so you always receive our best!

As our motto says "We care for one of your most expensive investments. Quality from start to finish."

Healthy Home Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. is an expert in Geothermal Systems. Geothermal and Geo-Exchange technology works by harvesting the earth's natural thermal energy stored below the surface of the earth. Thermal energy is a renewable natural resource to heat or cool your house and is one of the purest forms of ecoEnergy. More importantly a geothermal system produces no greenhouse gases with exception of a small amount of electricity that is takes to operate the system. More Info.

Healthy Home Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. is there right from the start to assist you with your new build or retrofit. Together we can choose and plan the best, most efficient and economical design for your needs now and for the future. We're experienced with hundreds of installs and satisfied customers. Contact us  to receive a qualified quote or to receive information for your future plans.

Did you know Boilers — for the application of heating have been in use since the early seventeen hundreds. Boilers are a safe and reliable means to heat your home — improved upon and tested for three centuries. Boilers do not aid in the introduction of any mold, dust or allergens into the living space. Therefore are a excellent choice for people who suffer from allergies. More Info

Geothermal Energy

Environmentally Friendly

What People Say?

Susan & Ole Biilmann

Toronto, April 4, 2011

To whom it may concern,

Building a house is a daunting task at the best of times. You expect delays and cost overruns, but in the end you expect to move into a house where everything works. In our case this was not exactly the case. We got the delays and extra costs in spades and quickly realized that the company that installed the heating and a/c system really had no idea what they were doing; i.e. when the first floor was calling for heat, a portion was sent to the second floor and vice-versa.

During the construction we stayed with my mother-in-law (!?) where we met Erich Humbal. We spoke to Erich a few times and decided to bring him in to re-work our heating/cooling system after we realized the other guys were in over their heads. Erich was able to diagnose the various issues in our system in short order and has worked diligently to rectify as many of the problems as possible without ripping everything out (which is what is really needed).

We have been impressed by Erich's product knowledge and ability to come up with solutions to fix a heating system that was poorly and overly intricately designed from the start. Of all the people involved in building our house we only have a dozen contractors, trades people, sub trades and suppliers that we will recommend to friends and neighbours. We have no hesitation to recommend Erich to anyone who is looking for a dependable trustworthy heating contractor who will get the job done properly.

Nick Tyacke

Erich of Healthy Homes Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. installed furnaces and air conditioning systems for me at two different houses. The quality of workmanship was top notch and I appreciated his attention to detail and his integrity. I have recommended him several times to friends and neighbours always with positive feedback.


Erich is an extremely reliable and capable specialist in heating and air conditioning service and installation. I met Erich many years ago, when he came to my house on New Year's Eve to repair my broken boiler. It was clearly apparent that he was very knowledgeable, efficient and dedicated to his profession. Since then, I have felt most confident entrusting my heating and cooling concerns to Erich. He has provided repair, maintenance, consultation and installation services to my home for over five years. He is extremely devoted to providing outstanding service to all of his clients. I highly recommend Erich and Healthy Home for all heating and air conditioning matters.

— Janet. in Toronto

To Whom It May Concern

Erich has looked after all of my heating and air conditioning needs for the last ten years. Erich does my annual furnace and a/c servicing and has corrected a couple of long-standing issues with my heating that no-one else seemed to know how to fix. Erich is hardworking, reliable, honest, friendly, and the most knowledgeable person I have ever met concerning boiler furnaces. I have peace of mind knowing that if I have a problem that it will be addressed quickly and correctly.

I am extremely pleased with the quality and professionalism of Erich's work. and I cannot see any reason why I would ever switch to anyone else for these services.