Healthy Home's Preventive Maintenance Plans

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Healthy Home Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. Maintenance/Protection Plans for all your HVAC equipment

Murphy's law your heating system will break down on the coldest day of the year and your cooling system will break down on the hottest day of the year — or on a major holiday when your expecting company.

A Healthy Home Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. maintenance plan affords you the protection of 24/7 fast reliable service. Routine maintenance will extend the life of your essential equipment and keep it running at it's peak performance. You receive our quality from start to finish service - no subcontracting or time and a half or double time billing. Our Technicians train on a consistent basis keeping abreast of the latest technology.

We didn't install your equipment — no problem, contact us and we will inspect your equipment and give you a quote. Don't worry we will give you our best service, and as our motto says "We care for one of your most expensive investments. Quality from start to finish."

HVAC Maintenance Plans

"Healthy Plus" Plan

º 24 / 7 priority service on all your "Healthy Plus" protected equipment
º Annual cleaning and safety inspection (Healthy Plus Plan)
º Detailed inspection report
º No charge parts & labour (maximum $ollar amount specified in contact)

"Healthy Plan"

º 10% Discount on parts and labour
º 24 / 7 service
º No after hours service charges
º Detailed inspection report

Contact us for complete details....

All Plans are subject to applicable taxes

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Our Latest Projects

Image Geothermal Down Loop Digger
Geothermal Project—Ennismore

Geothermal project — vertical down hole hammer drilling rig. This unit is used in the drilling and installation for the vertical geo field loop.

Image GeoComfort Mechanical Room
Geothermal Project—Ennismore

This custom project has a total of 11 tons of geothermal energy. 6 tons of geothermal in a water to water heat pump, and a 5 ton water to air heat pump. This set up allows for both radiant in-floor heating and a conventional forced air system.

Image GeoComfort Mechanical Room
Geothermal Project, Ennismore

Here a 5 ton water to air unit providing heating and cooling to the home. The other geo unit is a 6 ton water to water providing all of the in floor heating this is connected to a distribution system which is directly above the geo unit, this provides warm water to each zone of the house as needed.