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What's The Best Air Purifier For Your Home ?

Clean air is essential for good health, and this is especially true when it comes to indoor air quality. Healthy Home Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. makes Indoor Air Quality our top priority.

An air exchanger is a device used to improve air quality using the principle of air exchange. Fresh air is drawn in from a port open to the outside of the building, and passed through a chamber surrounded by indoor air. Highly conductive materials remove the energy (heat) from the warmer air and send it to the cooler air. Fresh air is then channelled into the house, and the indoor air is expelled outside.

Cleaning the Air in an R-2000 Home

R-2000 homes are built to be extremely airtight. This limits the uncontrolled flow of air in and out of the home and greatly reduces heat loss and moisture damage to the building structure. To complement this air tightness and ensure a healthy living environment, R-2000 homes use a mechanical ventilation system to remove pollutants from the home by replacing stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air. These pollutants come from a wide range of sources — household contents and materials, people and their activities as well as family pets.

In most R-2000 homes, a mechanical ventilation system is used. This system allows fresh air to be distributed throughout the house. A properly installed system, operated and maintained exhausts indoor air pollutants and excess humidity to the outdoors while distributing fresh air throughout the house.

The essence of proper ventilation is a continuous flow of clean, fresh air as well as the removal of stale, polluted air. These are also key factors in optimal indoor air quality and GOOD HEALTH. There are two types of systems available, depending on your needs: Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) and Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV).

Let Healthy Home Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. install a ERV Energy Recovery Ventilator or HRV Heat Recovery Ventilator today!

What's Your Indoor
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Air Purification Systems
Healthy Home Installs ERV, HRV or HEPA Filters

Image VanEE ERV
Energy Recovery Ventilator

Transfers heat and moisture from one airstream to another, and is the ideal system to maintain proper humidity levels. Excellent for year-round use and ideal for homes with air conditioning and high outdoor humidity. Filters outdoor pollens and expels indoor pollutants to the outside, exchanging the air in the home.

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Image VanEE HRV
Heat Recovery Ventilator

Moisture-proof propylene core expels excess humidity that occurs, especially during the heating season, preventing potential health problems, as well as moisture damage to window frames and surrounding walls. Replaces stale indoor air with fresh, clean outdoor air. Filters outdoor pollens and expels indoor pollutants to the outside, exchanging the air in the home.

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Image HEPA Filters
HEPA Filters

High-Efficiency Particulate Air "HEPA" is a type of air filter. Filters meeting the HEPA standard have many applications. The filter must satisfy certain standards of efficiency. To qualify as HEPA by government standards, an air filter must remove 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 micrometre from the air that passes through. A filter that is qualified as HEPA is also subject to interior classifications.

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Image Sword Fish Ultra Violet
Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation

UVGI Air Purification Technology — Ozone and worry free! Your green solution for air purification.

Most indoor air quality products merely trap pollutants, but a UV light actually kills mold, viruses, and fungus in your indoor air. UV Air Treatment systems use proven technology and expose your re-circulated indoor air to UVC light which kills/deactivates micro-organisms and sanitizes your air.

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